There are a few ways that you can tell a car key from a regular house key or padlock key. One of the ways is usually that the size is bigger and car keys often have a larger plastic grip at the top that has a logo of the car make that you are driving. They are also more intense to duplicate depending on the kind of key that you are using for opening your car door and driving it.

Best Locksmith has a list of the types of car keys and how they are cut. We will talk about the differences and what it takes to make these automotive door, trunk and ignition keys.

Mechanically Cut Car Keys or Traditional Method: This has been the most widely used way to manufacture keys for both homes and cars. It is still used often in the making of residential and commercial keys and in some makes of car keys. This is the cutting that uses a drill and different tools to cut a very specific shape out of the metal to make the key. This type of key is easier to duplicate and less secure than the other option. The process is simpler but more mistakes can be made in the cutting process.

Laser Cut Keys: This is a newer kind of process that uses lasers to cut the metal as the name suggests. The lasers are much more accurate and that makes the key less likely to be duplicated without you wanting it to be. The cutting technique that is used is very accurate and has been put in place of the older version in many car manufacturers around the world. The reason is that accuracy and the technology that makes it much hard to be hacked.

Transponder Chip Car Keys: This is the type of key that is most common among car keys. Depending on the car that you bought it can either be cut mechanically or by a laser. The key comes with a microchip in the handle part as another way to link it to your specific car. It also makes it harder to get into that particular car without the key.

Smart Car Keys: These are a great newer trend that many car companies are using. The key is a plastic piece that does not actually use a traditional metal key. It is outfitted with a microchip that allows it to open the car doors and start the ignition without it being inserted into the actual car. The microchip and smart key just have to be within a certain distance of the car for it to work. Most people can just keep it in their pocket to engage the car.

Valet Car Keys: Almost all cars that you buy will come with a valet key option. This is basically a backup key that has a few minor changes to it. You would give this key to the valet attendant and they would be able to access the car doors and the ignition but not the locked glove box or trunk. This lets you store some valuables and still send it to valet without having to worry about having your possessions stolen.

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