Most people are home often and do not leave their home on a regular basis. They have keys that they use to get in and out of the house and give a key to other members of the house as well. When someone does leave the house for an extended amount of time they may want to have a key somewhere so that they can give someone access to their home for an emergency or to help take care of the home. No one wants to leave their home open to just anyone and want to make sure that their home is secure while they are gone. The place that a would be burglar would check first is under a mat that is out in front of someone’s house. That is why that is a terrible location that place your spare key. You want to use some discretion in placing a key to be sure that you are not putting it somewhere that is easily found out.

Best Locksmiths lists the best ways to give someone access to your home with a spare key or keypad.

Have A Keypad Installed: You can go with an electric keypad that works a lot like a garage door keypad and can open the lock on a door when the correct code is entered. This keypad works with a code that you can set and give to who you want. This is a great option for someone that does not want to keep an actual key outside the home.
Leave A Key With A Neighbor: Better than leaving a key out for just anyone to stumble upon you can leave it with a trusted neighbor that is willing to meet with the individual that you want to give access to. This person would be able to keep the key safe so that your home can stay secure.
Put A Key Outside For A Short Time: If you have only the option to leave a key out for someone to pick up, you should only do this if you are leaving it for a short amount of time. You also want to be sure that you leave the key away from the front door or back door. The area surrounding the door is where someone may start to look for a key. A better location to place the key is around an air conditioning unit that is normally around the side of the home. It is also normally made out of some metal so that the key will blend in with it.

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