No one should ever have to experience being a victim of a burglarized home but unfortunately, there a quite a few that do. With so many myths floating around about burglaries, it is considerably more difficult to fortify one’s home.

Best Locksmiths would like to debunk several of burglary myths, so you might make better decisions in locking and securing your home and the many treasures inside.

Myth: Security alarms are not a deterrent for burglars.
Fact: In a study, 9 out of 10 burglars would skip a home with alarm systems in lieu of a home without a home security alarm system. Home security alarm systems have 24/7 services. They will alert you, the police, and even their security if applicable to secure your home if the alarm is activated.
Myth: An easily locked door will keep unsavory characters out of your home.
Fact: Most burglars can pick a simple lock in approximately 60 seconds. Installation of deadbolts or keyless entry will enhance security of your home.
Myth: All locks are relatively the same.
Fact: The generic tumbler locks leave your home susceptible to break-ins using the bump key. Within the evolution of locks, there are higher tech locking systems that are bump proof.

Home Lock & Security Tips:

1. Make sure every accessible entry is closed and locked at all times. Including windows, doors and garage doors.
2. Keep the shrubs low and the trees trimmed so thieves can’t use your landscaping to help hide their approach and break in.
3. Don’t advertise your high – end possessions. Keep the expensive items out of view. Avoid leaving high priced boxes out on the street for days. Dispose of it at the last possible moment. Keep the curtains and shutters closed to hinder the criminals from making their shopping lists out of your stuff.
4. Use your exterior lights. Motion sensor are even better to alert you of movement going on outside your home. Make your contributions to neighborhood watch and alert neighbors of suspicious activity. When leaving your home for more than a few days, ask a trusted neighbor to pay close attention and retrieve any newspapers or similar clutter from your porch or driveway.
5. Even when no one is home, leave a radio or TV on along with a few lights to deter burglars. Despite the common misconception; thieves don’t desire an audience or trouble. Dogs always make good noise makers and are great property security guards.

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