If you have ever experienced a burglary, you know how invasive it can feel. This is especially true if it has happened in your home where you should feel safe and secure. The feeling of violation can be a hard thing to overcome. Best Locksmiths is here to talk about the common ways that a burglar gains access into your home, and some preventative measures that can be taken to ensure burglary doesn’t happen to you.

Your Front Door is Where Burglars Are Most Likely to Break In

The first and foremost thing that you should do to prevent burglary is to lock your door. This may seem like it is common knowledge, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t lock their front door at all times. If you are relying on a common lock to keep out a burglar, think again. Your front door needs to be reinforced with a solid door. The best option is one that has a metal core. You should also reinforce the strike plate and door jamb. If your front door doesn’t have a light installed, that should be a priority as well. This will keep the area well lit, and less likely to be broken into.

How to Secure Windows from Home Invaders

If you don’t lock your windows at all times when you aren’t looking for ventilation, you should start. They are one of the most common places that a burglar can gain access into your home. They are left vulnerable, because they don’t have locks and the glass is fragile. There isn’t much you can do about the glass, but you can install track locks to add another level of security on your windows. If you have wooden windows, you can drill a hole and use a wooden dowel to add a level of security.

Burglars Break In Via Sliding Doors & Other Ways Too

Homes have more than one door into them, and that second or third door is the final common access point for burglars. Just like your front door, they should always be locked, and all doors that gain access to the outside should be solid doors. You should upgrade the deadbolt on these doors to a Grade 1 deadbolt, to add a level of security to them. These secondary doors are usually made of cheaper materials and have cheaper locks on them as well. It is worth the time and money to upgrade these doors. Burglars are looking for any way to gain access to your house and any door will do.

Don’t Make Climbing Easy for Home Invasion Criminals

If you have anything leaning up against your home, or store items underneath windows, this allows burglars a place to climb up your home and more easily gain access to windows that are out of reach. Don’t make breaking into your house an easy task.

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