When you are choosing doors for your home, you may find that there are several options as far as locks go. The locks that you choose for your doors, especially your front door, are a decision you don’t want to take lightly. We are talking about the security of your loved ones living in the home with you, after all. Best Locksmiths would like to talk about the different types of locks you will find on the market today for the doors in your home.

Door Handle Locks, Knobs & Levers

You would never want this to be the only lock found on your front door, since this lock provides the least amount of protection. Door handle locks are a great option for any doors on the interior of your home, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. There is usually a button or knob that is turned to lock the door, and it is easy to break. If you have a door handle lock on your front door, you will want to couple it with another, more secure lock as well.

Deadbolt Door Locks

Deadbolt locks are commonly coupled with door handle locks to add an extra level of security to a door. They consist of a metal cylinder that slides through a hole in the door jamb to secure the door. There are several different types of deadbolts including, single & double deadbolts, jimmy proof deadbolts, and captive deadbolts. They all have varying degrees of security, depending on how secure you want the door when it is locked. When using a high quality deadbolt and solid door jamb that is installed correctly, deadbolt locks are a great option for your front door, and this lock is usually unlocked with a key from the outside.

Keyless and Electric Door Locks

Keyless locks are even more secure than a normal deadbolt lock. The locking mechanism works by entering a code into a number pad to unlock the deadbolt. Keyless locks do not use a key at all to unlock them, but a code instead. Electric locks use an electronic mechanism to lock and unlock the door. These locks can usually be unlocked with a key or keypad as well. You will find keyless and electronic locks on many commercial buildings, where a higher level of security is needed to keep the building and merchandise safe.

Professional Residential, Commercial & Automotive Emergency Locksmith Services in Racine, Oak Creek, Burlington & Kenosha Wisconsin

Keeping your home safe from home invaders is important and you should look into all the different types of locks available to you. Whether you are just looking for simpler locks for the interior doors of your home, or are looking for a high security lock to keep the doors of your business locked and your business safe, there is a lock for every function you may need. Best Locksmiths can install, replace or repair any locks used on your home. Don’t wait, call today and we can help you with any of your residential, commercial, or even emergency locksmith needs.