There are several different types of locks and keys out there to help us feel safe and secure. The locks and keys vary in the level of security they offer. Some of the keys we are going to talk about today are very well known and you see them multiple times a day. Others, aren’t as well known and need more introduction. Best Locksmith is here to talk about the many different keys that lock up us and our belongings to keep us safe.

Skeleton Keys

Most people have seen a skeleton key or at least a picture of one. They aren’t used as frequently today, but they were originally made to unlock numerous warded locks and be somewhat of a master key. This is a very simple key that has a long shaft with a serrated edge that has been filed down so that it can open many locks. A skeleton key has been reduced down to its most basic parts.

Transponder or Chips Keys

Transponder keys are used most often in newer vehicles. Vehicles made after 1995 most likely were made with a transponder key. This type of keys uses electronics to start cars. They have helped reduce car theft. These keys are very hard to duplicate and if someone tries to use the wrong key on some cars, they shut down completely rendering them useless to the person trying to start it at that time. The key works by only activating once it has received a radio signal sent by the car when the key is in the ignition. Sometimes transponder keys are referred to as “chip keys.”

Four Sided Keys

These keys are used most often for home locks. Four sided keys have four sets of teeth on them. In order for this key to work, all four sides of the key have to match up and be a perfect fit in order for it to work and open the lock. This is a very durable option, and adds another level of security to your home.

Tubular Keys

The tubular key is most often used to unlock locks in a commercial setting. This may include vending machines, ATMs, and display cabinets found in stores. This key is used to unlock tubular pin tumbler locks. It is a small, short key with a cylindrical shaft.

Dimple Keys

A dimple key has cone shaped dimples in the shaft that match up with two sets of pins inside the lock. Unlike other keys, it doesn’t usually matter how you hold the key when you put it in the lock, since the two sides look exactly the same.

Abloy Keys

This type of key unlocks disc tumbler locks. These locks are almost impossible to pick and are a very durable key. They were first made in Finland are a widely used there. It is almost impossible for someone to make copies of these keys since they can only be made by licensed Abloy distributers and at the lock owners request.

Paracentric Key

This type of key is commonly used on the paracentric locks you would find in a prison. It is easy to pick out of a lineup of keys because it looks so different from others. The cylinders are not in a straight line. They can vary to the right or left of the key. They have small teeth at the end of the key and are very distinguishable from other keys.

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