When you go to use a key to open a lock and you turn and all of a sudden it has broken off it can be a devastating event. The lock may be stuck in the lock position and not only are you not able to get in the area that you were unlocking you are also left without a key because it is now stuck. That means you cant go to another door and use that key to get in. The best thing that you can do in this type of a situation is to call a locksmith company to come out and help remove the broken key. There are some troubleshooting ideas that you can use to try and remove it yourself but that can lead to damaging the entire lock itself or just end up costing you more time. Best Locksmiths has prepared a list of tricks you can try to remove the broken key stuck in the lock.

Tweezers Can Sometimes Remove A Broken Key Out of a Lock

There are some things that you can use to try and get out a key. One of them is a set of tweezers. Most woman have a pair of tweezers in their makeup kit and there is usually a set in the family first aid kit. If you have a key broken off you may want to try and get it out. The extraction process is tricky but if you have a pair of tweezers and the key is still sticking out slightly you may have some luck. Grab the tweezers and see if you can get a grip on the piece that is still in the lock. You want to be very careful not to push the part in any further since this will make is even harder to deal with. The type of tweezers that you use are also important since you want to use a pair that are as thin as possible.

Super Glue Can Remove a Broken Key

Another trick that you can try to remove a key that has broken off is super glue. If you have ever used super glue and gotten it on your fingers you know that it is a quick drying and very strong adhesive. The dangers with using super glue to remove a key is that you can potentially use too much and that can leak into the lock causing the lock to stick. If this happens you will need to replace the lock all together. Take a small amount of super glue and put it on the end of the key that remained out of the door. You can then put it in the lock and hold it in place to allow the glue to dry. After the glue has dried you may have enough hold to pull the key back out of the lock. This is not a great option since you can easily use too much glue and ruin the lock altogether.

Broken Key Extractor; Tap The Cylinder

This is a process that will require a bit more work and skill. You are basically going to take the lock off the door as a whole. Once the lock is off you will lay it upright and tap the lock on the ground in hopes that the extra broken part of the key falls out. You are trying to remove the key by allowing gravity to pull it out.

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