One of the scariest things to come home to is a burglary. Even scarier than that is to be home when someone tries to break in. No matter what scenario you are in or have ever been in, you are sure to think about the best way to keep your home secure. What all people should do is to think hard about these things before they become a victim. There are many things about home invasions and burglaries that you should know about and the best ways to secure your home.

Best Locksmith has some statistics about burglaries that all homeowners should know and how to secure your home.

More Than Half Of All Break Ins Are By Force: These are scary statistics to look at. The fact that a simply locked door will not keep a thief at bay means many homes are at risk. This also means you need to take the security of your home very seriously. The kind of locks that are on your doors and windows are important as well as the diligence in confirming they are locked and secured. Homeowners need to be more and more aware of their home security and take the time to check the locks and set the alarm to ensure their safety.

More Than Half Of All Break Ins Happen In The Day Time: This is another scary stat to look at. This means that while your home is most likely sitting empty with kids at school and parents at work, a burglar can be trying to gain access. This means that when you leave your home you need to get into the habit of securing all the doors and windows and setting the alarm to alert you and the alarm company that a door or window has been opened. Be sure to stay alert to your surroundings and watch out for your neighbors as well.

More Than One Third Of Burglars Use The Front Door: Most people think that simply locking the standard lock on their standard door is enough to keep out a would be thief. The problem is that many doors are not sturdy enough to withstand someone using a bit of force. People also assume that the locks are more secure than they are. If you do not have a deadbolt on your door, you do not have a secure enough locking system. The deadbolt will add a serious level of security as long as it is installed correctly.

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