You can enhance the security of your home with the right garage door lock. Many people use their garage as a work space and for storage. This means there are a lot of things in your garage that may be of value so you want to keep potential burglars out. Good quality locks will help deter intruders from trying to gain entry into your home. There are options to take into consideration when you add a lock to your garage door.

Garage Door Slide Bolt Locks

Slide bolt locks are the most common lock used to secure overhead doors. This lock uses a latch that slides from the garage door into a pre-cut hole in the vertical track. When this lock is engaged, the door cannot be opened. This lock is not recommended to use with an automatic garage door opener. Many homeowners forget that the slide lock is engaged while running the opener which causes the motor to burn up and bends the top section of the garage door too.

T-Handle Keyed Garage Door Locks

T-Handle keyed locks are the second most common garage door lock. The handle on this lock is shaped in the letter “T” and is installed on the outside of the garage door. On the inside of the door there is a cable system that attaches to two bolts. These bolts are secured into the track and are only released when the “T” handle is turned. The right key needs to be used in order to turn the handle and caution needs to be used when installing this lock with an automatic opener as running the opener with the lock engaged will cause damage to your operator.

Garage Door Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks are used on some garage doors. These motors engage and disengage the lock automatically before operation. This device id similar to the slide lock, only it is automatically controlled before operation.

Deadbolt Locks on Garage Locks

Deadbolt Locks provide extra reinforcement to a door. These are perfect for doors that lead into your garage. You can only use a key to open this lock. Single cylinder locks use a key on one side and have a knob on the other. Double cylinder locks have a key on both sides that need to be used. It takes a great deal of effort to move a deadbolt lock without the key and will discourage intruders.

Keyless Digital Garage Door Locks

Keyless Digital Locks use advanced technology to produce these locks. Instead of using a key to open the lock, you will use your fingerprint. This system can support multiple fingerprints which lets you decide who is allowed to enter your garage. This lock should be installed by professionals. They tend to be expensive but are the most secure garage door locks on the market. They are well worth the cost to give you the extra security boost.

Garage Door J Arm Locks

Many homeowners don’t realize that every automatic garage door opener already has a built in lock feature called the J Arm Lock. There is an operator lock on the trolley and it locks into place when the garage door is in the closed position. This will prevent the garage door from being lifted up by hand.

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