Some lock brands are more trusted than others. Some are highly recommended and some not so much. Alot depends on your situation and your security needs. Some brands may be widely used but are they really the best choice?

Kwikset Locks & Deadbolts

Kwikset is a brand widely used in the United States. If you look close you’ll find these locks on a lot of people’s homes. This company founded in 1946 by Adolf Schoepe is famous for it’s tubular designed locks and easy installation. While this brand is wallet friendly, that is to say, it is a cheaper brand; you get what you pay for. They are easily picked and bump key susceptible. If you are looking for cheap this is your lock but if super security is what you’re looking for this one isn’t your best choice.

Schlage Locks and Deadbolts

Schlage is an American manufacturer founded 1920 by Walter Schlage. They make low and medium security products for home and commercial use. It’s a popular brand with customers because its products are sturdy and good looking and even its cheapest options are harder to pick or bump. Schlage produces keyless entry locks, keypad locks, door handles locks and handles separately and in combinations.

Corbin-Russwin Mortise & Other Locks

This company is a merged company of many different lock brands. These locks are a sturdy brand that are used a lot commercially in high traffic areas like school classrooms, hospitals or hotels. These locks require regular servicing and sometimes replacement because while they are very sturdy they become easier to pick with age. They are a well trusted brand as they should be since they are found where we educate and care for human kind.

Master Lock Combination Locks & Other Products

From its birth in 1921, this company were traveling locksmiths most famous for the Skeleton key or master key system. Now their company manufacturers padlocks, combination locks and other security devices. Well known for their durability it seems you get the value you pay for.

Medeco Deadbolt & Other Locks

This company was started in 1950 by Powel and Roy Spain. They are the largest manufacturer of medium and high security locks worldwide. This brand is preferred by locksmiths and other professionals because it is hard or almost completely resistant to all forms of burglary. The pin tumbler lock has a sidebar to help prevent picking or bumping. This brand is made for commercial and residential use but they are also used to secure prisons, military compounds and banks.

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