If you want to know about the history of locks you will have to look back a long time ago. Locks, locking gates and doors were mentioned way back in the bible. During that time the locks that were fabricated were mainly made out of wood and carved to work just like locks do today. There were royalty throughout the ages that have used locks to show off their status. The more ornate the locks were the higher class they denoted. Locks were also made to show off on the fronts of castles, churches and cathedrals. The locks would really serve two purposes to look impressive and to keep the building secured.

Best Locksmith has a look back at the history of door locks.

The First Keys & Locks Were Made Of Wood: Believe it or not the first locks that were made were out of wood. They were carved in the same way that locks are cut out of metal today. Back then woodworkers were the craft that most people would use including to make locks. The lock was made using pins that would lower using gravity and lock the gate or door that it was installed into. The lock was only one part of the locking mechanism and a wooden key was the other. The key was carved with bumps that would engage the pins in the lock and open the lock to allow access.
Keys & Locks Moved Into Metal Fabrication: After some time metal workers made locks and keys which were much more sturdy and secure. Metal is a much tougher material to break or take apart and that made the lock much more secure. The metal that was used still followed the same fabrication that the wood locks did. Although the main function remained the same the intricate work that could be accomplished using metal was much more extravagant. Locks were used mainly to secure someone’s personal belonging while they traveled. It was more of a portable object and wasn’t used as often to secure buildings and doors.
Locks Are Used All Over The Place: If you think about it, locking items up is so mainstream that there is probably a lock on every door in your home, car, office and even on your safe and gate. Locks are so widely used that you may easily take them for granted; until they stop working. If your keys or locks are broken or not working optimally, contact a professional locksmith like Best Locksmiths in Wisconsin.

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