Calling a locksmith is usually the result of locking your keys in the car, losing your keys or having your home rekeyed after you have just purchased it. Professional locksmiths provide a great service and level of security that we sometimes take for granted. Not only until we encounter an emergency do we call the trusty locksmith. Locksmiths have been around for years, and when we say years, we mean over four thousand. Locksmiths first show up in history during ancient Egyptian times. During that time, locksmiths created wooden devices that used tin tumblers to prevent free movement of the door bar. This is the earliest existence found of lock and key mechanisms.

Invention of the Double Tumbler Lock by Robert Barron

In 1778 a man by the name of Robert Barron invented the double tumbler lock. Mr. Barron significantly improved the design of the basic lock and provided a level of security for people and their belongings that were yet to be invented. Back then, there was no modern day security and no electronic technology to guide him. Mr. Barron utilized his impressive skill set to handcraft the ever so important double tumbler lock. Robert Barron was well known for his skills in Britain and proved so by this early invention that would be used as the foundation for many other locks built later on.

Jeremiah Chubb Patented the Detector Lock

Another famous locksmith that you have probably never heard of is Jeremiah Chubb. In the year 1818, Jeremiah Chubb patented the detector lock. This durable lock had six levers and won Jeremiah several monetary awards as well as local fame among his peers and community. Jeremiah Chubb is one of the more popular locksmiths through the history of the trade.

Houdini Lock Picker

Probably one of the most popular locksmiths that you have heard of but do not consider him to be a locksmith is the great Houdini. Houdini thrived on being able to unlock and escape any type of lock that existed!

Professional Locksmith Services in Racine, Kenosha, Oak Creek & Burlington Wisconsin

Today we are lucky to have a great deal of master locksmiths to choose from when we require their services. There are many locksmiths today that are capable of doing a lot more than the lock of the past allowed. Locksmiths today are far more experienced, skilled and trained because they know more and have been exposed to all different types of locks. Knowing a reliable and knowledgeable locksmith will come in handy at one time or another. Whether you have locked your keys in the vehicle or lost a house key, a trusty locksmith will take care of your problem. Contact Best Locksmith today for superior locksmith service.