For most of us the holiday season means gathering with family and friends but for criminals the holiday season is an opportunity to make money by breaking into homes and stealing gifts, electronics and jewelry. Last year alone, over 1.6 million residential burglaries were reported and about 300,000 of those were home invasions. During the months of November through January, most areas see a significant spike in crimes. It has been documented that a thief can be in and out of a residential home in less than 6 minutes. The expert locksmiths and security professionals at Best Locksmith recommend using deterrents to slow down and prevent criminals from entering your home.

Here are 8 tips from the professionals at Best Locksmith to help prevent a break-in and protect your home during this holiday season.

1. Electronic Guard Dogsensors work through doors and windows to detect motion in a range of 30 feet or more, and will respond with a very realistic barking sound. Most burglars have no desire to tackle a vicious canine and will immediately retreat.
2. Lock your Doors & Windows – while this may seem obvious, it is amazing how many of us get distracted and forget to lock windows and doors. Do a quick walk through any time you are preparing to leave the house. It can make the difference to a thief easily gaining access to your home.
3. Driveway Alarm – will set off a chime when a vehicle enters your driveway and can sense metal moving within 13 feet of the wireless unit. You can even upgrade to a model that will detect moving individuals at back patios and pool gates or any other area of your property that may be vulnerable.
4. Strategic Landscaping – be sure to plant low growing vegetation in specific locations to minimize places that would be robbers can hide.
5. Secure Valuablesinstall a safe to keep valuable items and keepsakes out of harm’s way.
6. Install Double Key Deadbolts – police departments report that 34% of all thieves break in through the front door. The best form of defense is to get a strong locking system at all entry points throughout your home.
7. Motion-Sensor Floodlights – Sometimes a sudden burst of light can immediately deter burglars. Some Motion activated floodlights can sense movement up to 40 feet away and dusk to dawn settings allows the light to automatically turn off during the day.
8. Do not Advertise – With so many different social media sites, it is easy to unwittingly give away too much information. It may seem innocent enough but it gives strangers the ability to know when you are away from home and present an opportunity to break in and rob you of your valuables and belongings.

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During the holiday season, there are people and gifts and your belongings that you want to keep safe and secure. The professional locksmiths at Best Locksmith are available to consult with you and provide advice on the best security features to keep your home protected from would-be-thieves and criminals all year round. Contact us for all your locksmith and security needs.