In this modern age security is a concern for both the home, commercial business and institutional property owners and managers. Burglary and home invasion are epidemic in high density areas found in larger urban environments like cities. The dividing line between burglary and home invasion is occupancy. If the residence is occupied and is entered by an assailant it is home invasion. If the home or residence is unoccupied at the time of the unauthorized entry with intent to commit a crime, it is burglary. Robbery is when force is used to commit a crime and a common element is that the perpetrator is armed to some degree and either though physical size or number or bad guys use intimidation to forcibly take items in a physical or violent manner and the building either home or business is occupied.

Need to Reinforce a Door Frame from Being Kicked In to Make it Burglar Proof

A lot of effort goes into securing the home or business. Commercial structures generally utilize metal, usually steel for the door and frame. But a typical home has wooden frames and doors. Even with a deadbolt a door is relatively easy to force entry by kicking or using some sort of heavy impact tool. Frames are usually less than ¾ inches and are installed with the wood grain running vertically. The bolt, either deadbolt or the primary latch usually extend only about from 1 to 1½ inches into the frame. When the door is forced open the wood tends to split along the grain causing failure to both the door and frame.

Why You Should Always Lock Your Doors

Home invasion is very dangerous to the occupants, which may suggest locking doors even when you are home. This would be of particular interest to the elderly or a single person living alone. Lone females are particularly at risk. Sexual assault, suffering and distress from physical abuse and of course the possibility of permanent maiming and death have been the end result during home invasion incidents. If you have French double or sliding glass doors you are very vulnerable to forced entry.

Door Frame & Hinge Reinforcement

So, how do I go about protecting me and mine? Think metal, think steel. Doors, door jambs and frames can be reinforced with metal to deter a forced entry. Door reinforcements are wrap-around channels that encase the lock and bolt areas in steel. This prevents splintering of the door if force is applied to the door. The door jamb and frame also receive a metal angle or bar held in place by extra long screws. These screws extend through the door frame into the house framing in the wall. Force is transmitted through these screws to the house frame thus resisting a breach. Windowed side panels around the door weaken security. These sidelites can be broken, and with a reach-through the door can be unlocked. Reinforce window lites, the framed window sections, with either ornamental iron bars or use a polycarbonate or fiberglass panel on the inside.

Best Ways to Secure a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors provide nearly a simple “walk-in” for the typical felon. These should be secured with pins inserted from the inside and/or covered externally with some sort of metal fabrication to safeguard the entry, usually some sort of wrought iron grill or bars. A drilled pin hole through the inner frame into the door will secure most sliders. Do not over drill to the exterior of the house or the pin can be knocked out from outside. When leaving make sure pet doors are secured from the inside.

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Home and business security depends on more than locks. The entire structure needs to be customized to provide the property security and mount for locks. Do not forget that structural components contribute to your safety.
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