Many homes have parents that both work, leaving children to take care of themselves for a little while before mom and dad get home. Research done shows that one in six parents come home to a front door that is unlocked or a child telling them they lost the key. Steps need to be taken when allowing your children to have keys to your house to protect the house and themselves!

Why is it Risky to Give Your Kids a House Key?

Kids will lose keys, it’s inevitable. Keychains and lanyards break and they will be misplaced. They are not going to make an effort to keep them out of sight, which leaves them vulnerable to getting stolen. There are actually apps that can take a picture of a key and decode it allowing a copy to be made. Robberies and home invasions almost always happen after someone has figured out what you have inside. Your children will bring people over and the word may get out to the wrong people that you have the goods. When you aren’t home your kids might invite friends over and if you have a hidden key they will see where it is.

Take Steps to Protect your Home from Intruders

You need to have a serious conversation with your child about the importance of being trusted with a key to the house and give them examples of what can happen if they get the key lost or stolen. You can get rid of keys all together and have an electric keypad deadbolt installed. There is a WIFI option but it can be hacked, so think about that when deciding because kids are smarter than us when it comes to technology. Codes are programmed into the electric keypad deadbolt and these locks allow you to change the codes as often as you like. Should your kids forget their code they can ask you for one to get in. You don’t have to leave work to change the code. It may be a good idea to change these codes on a monthly basis for security. You can have cameras installed at the entrance of your home. This will allow you to keep track of who is coming and going. If you choose only one door your kids can use they won’t have keys to the other doors. The camera will show you everyone who enters your home. You can have double keyed deadbolts on the other doors in the home which prevents others from coming in without you knowing. You can have a rule in your home that they are to text or call you when they get home. Other than kids, there are a number of people you can have codes for, like a cleaning company, pet sitter, family, etc. Each person can have a code that can be deleted at any time.

Tips to Keep House Keys Safe

Kids need to tell you right away if they lose the keys so the locks can be changed. Attach a key chain ribbon or string of beads to the key as they are small and easily lost. Use a key rack at home to keep a routine as to where the keys should be. Keep spare keys hidden because copies can be made. Don’t let your kids’ friends see where the key is hidden.

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Kids can be trusted with a key to the house after they have been given some rules to keep your home safe. If you experience a lockout due to a lost key or have any other locksmith needs, contact Best Locksmiths for help.