When you are in your home you want to feel safe and secure. You want to know that your locks are keeping your doors and windows secured so that someone can’t just waltz in. There is always a part of moving that can be unnerving. When you move in you can’t be sure who had keys to your house before you. If someone had a key they could have made even more keys and there is no telling who could have access to your home. The only way that you can be sure that you are the only one with keys to your home is to have new locks installed. This is also a great time to get decorative handles installed.

Best Locksmiths has prepared a list of considerations when choosing new locks for your home.

New Lock Price: Just because a certain lock costs the most money does not mean that it is the right lock for you. As long as the quality of the lock is good the cost should not be what you use to determine which to choose. There are many other options to look at over the cost.
New Lock Fit: If you use a locksmith company to install your new locks they can help you determine what size will fit your door the best. Most doors are cut with specific holes that are able to encompass locks with dead bolts and single unit locks. Make sure you know what can fit your door before you make the purchase.
New Lock Style: When you are deciding on a lock for you home you have to know what style is best for you. Entry locks usually have a way to lock on the inside and the outside. This is the most used type of lock. The key section of the lock is on the outside so that you can use your key to gain entry. You can also add a deadbolt lock. This is a second lock that usually adds another more secure level of safety to your home. This is a way to keep a person that is trying to gain access from running into a problem. The deadbolt is attached to the door frame which makes it much more secure. You can also add a night latch. This is a latch that is installed on the inside of your home that cannot be unlocked from the outside. The latch can be used at night to ensure that a smaller child cannot get out, or as an added level of security.

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When you are ready to choose a lock that is best for you, be sure to talk to a professional locksmith like Best Locksmiths that can help with options and installation. Contact us today for more info!