Have you ever gone out and went to lock your door only to find that it is stuck locked? You check to make sure you are using the right key and proceed to try again. The lock just won’t come un-stuck. The next step is to start to pull on the door to see if that will help. This may be due to the change in the weather outside. The extreme weather from Summer to Winter can affect your locks not only on your home but on your car as well. Depending in the type of weather there is, the effect on the locks will be different.

Best Locksmiths goes over the different types of weather, what they can be doing to your locks and how to repair them.

Summer Weather Effects on Your Locks: When it comes to the summer time you will notice that the temperature gets hotter and the sun is out longer. The other change is usually seen in the humidity. The humidity will make you feel warmer than the degrees outside suggest. The humidity also plays a part in what is effecting the door frame that the lock engages into. When the door frame swells from humidity the lock will get stuck in the locked or unlocked position. You may need to take the door and wiggle it back and forth to get it to start moving. You can continue to wiggle the door all summer long or you can call a professional locksmith that can come out and inspect the lock. They will be able to open the space on the door frame so that the lock will be able to engage more easily.

Winter Weather Effects on Your Locks: The winter is the other season that you may notice problems with the locks both on your home and your vehicle. The cold weather does the exact opposite of the hot weather. The cold will start to shrink the door frames and possibly freeze the lock. The colder weather also means that there is less humidity and that is why you will notice the shrinkage. When you go to lock the door it may seem that the lock is not lining up with the door frame. This is especially difficult when talking about deadbolts. What you will have to do is pull on the door from the outside to get it into position. The winter is also when you will notice problems with your car locks. Many cars stay outside and when the temperatures get below freezing the lock can actually freeze. You can heat up the actual key and insert it in to melt what has frozen and then it should work.

If you want to have your locks inspected this winter to make sure that you are not struggling with them, give Best Locksmiths a call today in Racine, Kenosha, Oak Creek & Burlington Wisconsin!