Buying a home is an exciting adventure. It marks a new chapter in your life; whether it’s a first time home purchase, an upgrade to a bigger home or a relocation. Purchasing a new home is a rollercoaster ride, hard to organize and rarely executed the way we imagined. There are generally obstacles that will test our patience and it is always a wonderful feeling when everything finally falls into place and the keys are in your hand. The first thoughts that enter your mind are the aesthetics. Painting, minor renovations, cleaning and of course moving in is top priority. But have you ever stopped to think how many of those keys you just obtained are floating around? How many people have a copy? What kind of people are they? Often people like to assume everyone is honest, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Then consider what exactly is the history of the home? Are there disgruntled service people who happen to have a key and don’t know there are new tenants? If you pause to ponder the possibilities, the scenarios are endless, and can be a little scary to think about.

Forcible Entry

Insurance companies always investigate victimized homes. If a burglar or intruder break in, it better be forcible entry and not homeowner error or neglect. The prospects of may have a copy of that house key could be mind boggling. Caregivers, family members, service providers and neighbors to start with. How many copies did they make for emergency situations?

So where do you start? Best Locksmiths outlines your best three options to deal with this dilemma.

The first option is if you happen to be a handyman, or have a trusted friend who is, come in and rip out the old locks on every door and replace them, or take them to a local locksmith to have them rekeyed. A lot of time and energy is spent in this endeavor.
The second option is to contact the previous homeowner, ask for a history of the locks, and who may still have a key. Sometimes just getting in touch with the old owner is an impossible task on its own, then expecting the owner to be honest or have precise memory could be a comical event.
Last option, and probably the smartest investment is to hire a professional. An expert from Best Locksmith of Wisconsin offers re-keying your locks among our many services and can offer you peace of mind. Having a professional ensure your locks are your own can reduce the risk of having your home victimized by unsavory characters.

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