It seems the more we resist, the more wrongdoers are making their way into our lives in one form or another. If you haven’t been a victim of a crime, chances are a loved one has. At the very least you have read tales of self entitled criminals in social media, news articles, or been exposed to it on your local news channel. There are a lot of emotions that impact you on such activities; anger, fear and sadness come to mind. Though, there is never a guarantee that a home break-in won’t happen to you, there are some steps you can take to minimize the chances.

Best Locksmiths would like to relate some tips that can better fortify your home, to make it more difficult for an intruder to gain entry.

1. Changing Locks or Reykeying. If your home has ever been previously owned, or you have had to loan your key to anyone you were uneasy with, changing the locks or rekeying should be the first step. It is very easy to make duplicates of a key. Not knowing who has access to your home can be an overwhelming acknowledgement. Consult with a professional on the varying of choices you have quality locks that better fit your lifestyle.
Avoid Leaving Spare Keys or a Hide a Key in Obvious Places. Intruders can detect them easily, and have access to your home and the treasures within, with very little effort. If necessary, leave a duplicate key with a close, trusted neighbor.
Install Deadbolts. Deadbolt locks should be installed as well. Every exterior door to your home should be equipped with a deadbolt of at minimum, 1″ thick. Although deadbolts are a little more expensive than the more commonly utilized spring latch locks, deadbolts are far more durable and offer quality protection. Deadbolts need to properly installed for superior results. If you are not familiar with them, it is more optimal to hire a professional locksmith to efficiently install a deadbolt lock.
Security Bar for Sliding Glass Door. On sliding doors, not only should you keep them securely locked, but keep a metal bar in place of the bottom track. If an intruder is able to beat the sliding door lock, he or she can’t do anything about the metal bar.
2. Alarm Security Systems. If you do not already have an alarm system, get one installed. Many intruders are more likely to pass by the home equipped with an alarm system. Alarms set off, generally will get the offender on the run. Alarm systems quickly notify the authorities for a quick response. Having an alarm system heightens the security of your home substantially.
Cover Outdoor Security Wires. There are exterior wires to the home alarm system. If they are not already concealed, be sure to cover them up. If the wires are exposed and easily spotted, the criminal can simply cut the wires, rendering them useless.
3. Make it Look Like Someone is Always Home. Give the illusion of occupants. In most cases, burglars prefer to strike when no one is home. If your home is being scouted for long periods of time when your home is left unattended, that’s when they will strike. Instead, invest in automatic timers that will light up your home to give the illusion someone is lingering.
Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights. Having motion sensor lights near all entry points of your home can help give the intruder an incentive to move on. Most use the cover of darkness. With illuminated exteriors, scrupulous characters will be more reluctant to attempt a break-in.
4. Hide Expensive Items from Window View. Avoid placing high valued items in the view of your windows. If it can’t be avoided keep blinds down and curtains drawn. Don’t give incentives or coveted products to a thief looking for a quick score.
Lock Windows. An obvious step is keep the windows fastened. It is often overlooked, or sometimes merely presumed all the windows are locked. Take the few extra minutes to ensure the windows are properly locked can save your home from being victimized.
5. Check Door Hinges. Check all your exterior doors. If any of their hinges are found on the exterior, reset the door so the hinges are inside. Door hinges can be easily popped off.
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