As a business owner with a commercial space or property you may ask yourself “is my business secure?” You never want to leave your livelihood open to burglars and thieves. It will put you out of business and leave you and your employees without a paycheck especially if you suffer numerous break-ins. So Best Locksmiths have a few questions of our own that may aid in your quest to improve your business’s security.

Do Not Duplicate Keys

The beauty of the high security restricted key systems is the patented key. You can give your employees a key to your business without fear of them being duplicated or copied. You can only obtain a copy of the key from the original manufacturer of the locking system. Isn’t that great? This enables you to know that you are well protected, and that several unauthorized keys to your place of business are not floating around out there in the wrong hands. You don’t have to issue a key to an employee and later found out they couldn’t be trusted. There have been many occasions where an employee gave a copy of a key to a friend so they could steal department goods, or even a friend of an angry employee getting back at the company. This is why you will want to change your locks often if you are using standard locking systems.

Can Your Locks Be Picked?

There are many different types of locking systems that don’t always require an open facing lock. You can use combination key pads or the high security restricted key systems that offer patented protection against drilling, or picking. There are a minimum of six hardened steel inserts located in the lock per key side. This helps to protect against drilling into the locking mechanism to compromise the security of the lock. The locking mechanisms are equipped with parametric keyways and specially designed anti-pick mushroom pins. These design features help to prevent the use of lock picking tools. All of these features that are available in today’s market help prevent the former ease of lock picking. If this is a concern, you may to reconsider your current security system.

Locksmith Security System Consultation, Inspection & Audit

If you are currently feeling that your business security is less than adequate but at a loss of where to start, you may want to consider having a locksmith audit inspection. We will cover your business property and building and will make suggestions on where improvements can be made. We will also give sound advice on current locking systems and point you in the right direction that will fulfill the security needs of your business.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Racine, Oak Creek, Burlington & Kenosha Wisconsin

You never want to go to sleep and feel that your business isn’t safe. If you continue to ask yourself if your business property is secure and protected, then it is time for an upgrade in your security systems. If you are seeking some peace of mind and want to improve your security, Best Locksmiths is here to assist you. We can provide locksmith inspections and upgrades to any commercial area you may desire. Call us today for a consultation and audit of your locks.