No One Has Time for Lock and Key Problems

Dealing with a lock or key problem is never fun, and these problems always seem to arise when you are in a hurry. Locks that fail to perform properly can become extremely frustrating. There are many factors to consider when it comes to a faulty lock and how to go about fixing them or having them professionally repaired. Locks have a large number of small intricate working pieces and if just one of those pieces fails to perform its duty properly, you can be left standing outside your locked door unable to get inside. Best Locksmith is your number one source for professional, fast and reliable locksmith service.

Poor Lock Installation; Door Latch or Knob Hole Too Big or Small?

One of the most common malfunctions that a lock experiences is a dead latch that will not work properly. The dead latch is designed to prevent the opening of a door by manipulating the latch with a foreign object like an ice pick, credit card or other object to “jimmy” the door open. In order to work properly, the dead latch must be completely depressed when the door is closed. If it is not all the way depressed then the dead latch will not function properly. A dead latch is a part of the lock that can be properly repaired by a locksmith from Best Locksmith. The most common cause of a faulty dead latch is poor installation of the lock. Best Locksmith specializes in lock installation and will get it done right the first time!

Ensure Your Deadbolt Extends Fully

A faulty deadbolt can be an open invitation for burglars to enter into your home. When a dead bolt does not close completely or does not extend all of the way, it can easily be pushed back into the door with an ice pick or similar type of tool. Many homes are built and do not leave enough room in the door jam for the bolt to completely extend, this means that the front door will not ever really lock. A professional and experienced locksmith from Best Locksmith will repair your deadbolt problem by adjusting the strike position or boring out the door frame to allow the dead bolt to fully extend. No matter what type of issue you are experiencing with your lock, Best Locksmith will provide you with the highest level of locksmith service and quality repair.

No job is too big or too small for Best Locksmith, any time of day or night our team will answer your call in Racine, Kenosha, Oak Creek & Burlington Wisconsin.