There are many kinds of safes to choose from for your home or business. Depending on your needs, picking the best safe could be confusing.

Best Locksmith would like to briefly explain a handful of the different types of safes available today

Portable Travel Safes

There are a few styles of portable safes that can be easily used for home or businesses, and can conveniently transported when needed.
Portable Drawer Safe: The portable drawer safe can protect cash and a small number of important documents. This safe is typically kept in a fire proof file cabinet or a larger safe. A drawer is easily stowed away in a car trunk for easy transportation and relocating.
Portable File Safe: Half the size of a cabinet drawer, the portable file safe is designed with grooves that make storing sensitive files in a secure place easy. A portable file safe can have a fireproof capability which makes it better at keeping important files safe and secure. Portable file safes are either under lock and key or may be equipped with a combination lock.
Portable Fire Chest: Portable fire chests are just a bit bigger than the portable drawer safes. Great for protecting it’s treasures from fires and unsavory characters. It can protect cash, selected important documents and other small valuables.
Portable Gun Safes: In today’s world of rising criminal activities, owning a gun to protect your home or business is prudent. Those on the road, especially through rougher neighbors, consider retaining protection but don’t necessarily want to carry a weapon on their persons. Transporting a portable gun safe is simple, as well as concealing it in discreet nooks in homes or businesses. Many portable gun safes have biometric sensors to include thumb printing to open the safe to deter the wrong folks from gaining entry.

Fixed Stationary Safes

These safes are located in a fixed location. They come in different sizes and styles.
Under-Desk Safe: Under-desk safes are easily attached underneath a desk, counter, closet or storage area. They are not portable, but weighing under 100 pounds, they can be moved around for added security, or in case they need to be relocated. Under-desk safes can be assembled with a key pad combination lock.
File Cabinet Safe: File cabinet safes can include fire proof capability, and come in 2 or 4 drawer varieties. Weighing in at 750 pounds, the file cabinet safe is not easily moved and generally is locked with a key. Great for protecting files, cash, and merchandise.
Wall Safe: Wall safes are obviously mounted in a wall, well secured within the buildings structure. Often hidden by wall art, panels or in closet spaces behind false walls. Sizes vary and can hold important documents, cash, heirlooms, and jewelry or other small valuables.
Floor Safe: Floor safes are generally dropped into the floor, secured in cement. A few floor safe models have a slot designed in the top for easy deposits. Best used for protecting cash that flows often.

Professional Safe Combination Change & Services in Racine, Kenosha, Oak Creek & Burlington Wisconsin

There are many other designs and styles for specific safes that can be used for fire protection and still keep valuables safe from the criminal sort. Best Locksmith can assist in deciding on the best safe for your needs along with efficient installation and safe combination changes should you need it. Contact us today for more information!