There are many considerations when obtaining a new building, whether it be a home or business. To know if rekeying the locks are adequate, or if a new locking mechanism is the more the optimal choice, several questions must be answered. Is the building newly acquired? What types of locks are currently installed? How old are the locks? Are the current locks adequate for my security levels? How many people could potentially have a key to the current locks? All these questions answered can make the choice more clear when trying to decide on rekeying or replacing locks.

Best Locksmiths would like to Compare Rekeying to Installing New Locks

When a professional locksmith rekeys a lock, the lock tumblers are changed so that each wafer is in a different order than before. The locksmith ensures the new code from the lock tumblers do not coincide with the old keys. Locks with a security grade, or ANSI, Grade 1 or higher are able to be rekeyed.

The benefits of rekeying are as follows:

– Does not alter the original aesthetics of the door. (Old paint lines are not exposed.)
– For convenience, the locks can be keyed to the same key.
– Generally, a lower service cost.

When you should replace a lock:

1. Lock receives damage from a break-in or similar circumstance. When components of the locking mechanism become disconnected from each other, it is in need of a change. When locks that have been separated from the door frame, or that the lock is so worn or damaged it no longer catches securely; a new lock should be installed.
2. Locks are outdated for replacement parts. In many old buildings, including homes, locks that have been installed decades ago are no longer being manufactured, nor their replacement parts. Despite the fact of not having a replacement part obtainable, chances are the old locks are obsolete, and easily overpowered. With locks continuously being modernized in high technological advances, installing new locks provide a higher quality of security.
3. Security defenses need to be heightened. With a low rating on a lock, it is imperative you install an upgraded lock. Investing in a lock with a minimum ANSI 1 level means the locks are not easily tampered with. With many options in companies manufacturing locks, it’s important to utilize a lock with a reputable company with excellent reviews and high ratings.

Professional Locksmith VS DIY Lock Replacement

There are many DIY kits to replace the locks to your home or business, however, to gain superior efficiency in your locks, hiring a locksmith is optimal. When enlisting the aid in reinstalling locks, you are saving yourself time, hassle and potential damage. It is no easy task to install a lock properly and smoothly without damaging the surrounding or the lock itself.

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