Beautiful antique doorknobs, locks, strikes and hinges can give an older home an extra special touch. Perhaps you are restoring your home and you are looking for authentic pieces instead of reproductions or you have inherited an historic home from a relative. As beautiful as these antique locking mechanisms can be, the bottom line is that they have to be in working order; especially when it comes to your exterior doors. It is absolutely imperative that all of your hardware be in excellent working condition.

Antique Mortise Door Locks

Original mortise locks are 70 to 130 years old and commonly develop unique problems from poor maintenance, abuse, or general wear and tear. Wisconsin has a rich and unique history of lock design. Many of the locksets found in homes between 1880 and 1938 were custom made for individual residences. Some of the most beautiful and well-made locking mechanisms were made during this time frame which was known as the golden age of design and construction in America. Walk along almost any street with period houses and you will notice a wide variety of original locksets as unique in appearance as the styles of homes on the street.

Old Fashioned Keys & Locks

These older locking mechanisms or lock sets use old-fashioned keys that are quaint and pleasing to look at and give a certain mystery and an air of elegance to the room they are being used in. If you want to give an old-world feel to your home, then antique locking mechanisms are the way to go. If you find that your locks are non-working, call the professional locksmiths at Best Locksmiths.

Best Locksmiths recommend several steps to get your locks in good working order.

Locksmith Repair Estimate – First, contact your experienced residential locksmiths at Best Locksmiths for an estimate by phone and describe your lock set to a knowledgeable customer service professional. Make sure to describe the lock in detail along with the brand and physical appearance. The experts at Best Locksmiths recommend taking a photograph and emailing it to them to help them identify your lockset and determine if the type of locking mechanism you have can be repaired.

Replacing Lost Keys – If you are using an antique lock, chances are you don’t have the original key. The professional locksmiths at Best Locksmith can create a new set of keys for your lock quickly and efficiently. One of the most common reasons for a lock to stop working is a broken key that is jammed inside the lock mechanism. Our knowledgeable locksmiths can remove any broken fragments and restore your lock to perfect working order.

Repairing Locks VS Replacing – Is it worth repairing your antique locking mechanism? The answer depends on you and is partly dependent on the price of repair as opposed to the price of completely replacing your locks. Sometimes a repair can be as simple as a cleaning and oiling of the inner lock mechanism or a complete repair using parts sourced from other antique locks may be necessary. Some locks are highly collectible and worth a lot of money, but you should also consider the sentimental value of a priceless family heirloom.

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The skilled locksmiths at Best Locksmiths are available to answer your questions regarding repair of antique mortise locks, or any other locksets, locking mechanisms or keys. Call today to schedule an appointment for your next lock installation, repair or replacement.