Keeping your valuables safe and secure is a necessity in today’s world of criminal ingenuity and continued spikes in occurrence. Whether you are protecting $1,000, $10,000 or more, you are better off with a safe in your home to keep your valuables and cash from being stolen by a burglar. Unfortunately a locked front door is no longer enough to keep thieves from gaining access into your home and stealing your belongings. When you invest in a safe, you are adding an additional layer of defense against criminals and making it more difficult for them to invade your privacy and take away what you have worked so hard for.

Commercial Drop Depository Safes

Not all safes are created equally, and some are more secure than others. At the same time it is possible for some home owners to go overboard and invest in a safe that is overkill for a home. Knowing what type of safe is best for your home, office or work place will help you better protect your assets from being stolen. A popular and proven safe for places like a gas station or convenience store is a deposit or drop safe. Deposit safes are also popular in restaurants as well. This type of safe allows employees to drop in deposits, the nightly cash count and important receipts without actually opening the safe. The combination is held only by upper management or owners who then can count the deposits that were made. This keeps employees honest and cash secure from would be thieves.

Important Document Fire Safes

Fire rated safes are popular in homes and offices, usually keeping important documents stored away rather than valuables such as cash or jewelry. Fire rated safes are commonly used to hold documents like a family trust, will, important historical or genealogical transcripts, photographs and journals. Fire rated safes provide the security that these belongings are safely tucked away and provide a certain peace of mind to the person who is responsible for such items.

Computer Data & Media Safes

Other types of safes include data or media safes, which keep electronic data safe and secure by controlling temperature within the safe. Electronic data can be deleted at relatively low temperatures. Data safes are made to protect the priceless and essential information from high temperatures and smoke damage.

Biometric Gun Safes

Gun safes are another popular investment for home owners who have a large collection of fire arms. Gun safes not only protect your fire arms from being stolen, but also provide a level of safety within your own home, making it difficult for children to get access to your guns.

Home Wall and Floor Safes

Wall and floor safes are becoming more popular with businesses and home owners, as they are difficult for any criminal to locate.

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