This is the time of year that many people travel and are out of their homes more often. Whether you are out shopping or you are out of town you want to be sure that you are not leaving your house open and susceptible to theft. Thieves are on the lookout for homes that are easy to get into and also will keep an eye on things that may tell them that the family is gone.

Best Locksmith of Wisconsin Has Several Tips to Help Keep Your Home Safe and Secure This Holiday Traveling Season.

Have The Right Types of Locks Installed Such as Deadbolts – This is really the best defense to keeping someone out of your house that you don’t want in. Make sure that you have good sturdy locks on the doors of your house. This includes the back door as well as the front door. You also want to make sure that you have a deadbolt to make it much harder for someone to get through the door if they do happen to try to get into your house. The right locks are the first step but you need to be sure that they are actually locked and installed correctly. Go through the house and lock all locks, deadbolts and window locks too.
Leave a Few Lights on When Traveling Away From Home – Most people want to save money on energy usage while they are gone so they will turn off all the lights in the house while they are gone. If someone has been watching the house and knows that during the evening your lights are on inside the house or on the porch and then they aren’t, that is huge tell that you are not home. You want to choose a few lights to keep on while you are gone to give the illusion that you might be home.
Don’t Post Your Adventure on Social Media Until You have Safely Returned Home – If you are planning a trip with the family this holiday season you should keep all the posting and sharing off of all social media. This will alert people that you are gone and the house has no one there to call the police in case of an intruder. As sad as it is, many times the burglary is done by someone that you know. Wait until the trip is over and you are back home to post about the trip you are now back from.
If You Are Gone Often Think About Getting a Dog – This is a big commitment but a dog will deter someone from trying to get in. Most thieves do not want to deal with anything that could slow them down. A dog does that very well. Most dogs will alert to someone that is at the door especially if they don’t know them.

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