We depend on our vehicles, probably more than we care to admit. If it weren’t for the modern convenience of driving to work or school, daily or even weekly errands, not to mention all of our kids excursions; we would be spending the day on a bus, or simply not going anywhere besides the absolutely necessary. No, we definitely rely on our vehicles to get us where we need to go and back home safely. Knowing that, it is best we know the facts about car theft and how to better prevent ourselves from becoming a victim.

Vehicle Theft Facts

– The U.S. Department of Justice has reported that an automobile is stolen every 27 seconds in the United States.
– On average, it takes a thief approximately 10 seconds to steal a vehicle.
– Honda Civics and Honda Accords are the 2 top most stolen cars according to the latest statistic.
– Honda, Toyota, Acura and GM are the top makes that thieves steal.
– Thieves are more deterred by the following factors:
• Day light hours.
• Kill switches and alarms.
• Security Cameras.
• Concerned neighbors.
– Automobiles are often stolen simply because the owner left the vehicle running unattended.
– In 2014 San Francisco – Oakland – Hayward area in California had the most reported stolen vehicles. Coming in at over 29,000 thefts. Second place was Bakersfield, CA with a significant drop of just over 5,000 vehicles stolen.

Car Theft Prevention

1. Do NOT keep your car running unattended. Even on that cold day when you want to warm up the car before heading to work.
2. Park your vehicle in well lit, busy areas. And even more preferable, is parking in view of security cameras.
3. Do not leave a key to your vehicle.
4. Even in a seemingly low crime kind of neighborhood, including in front of your home, keep your windows up and doors securely locked.
5. If you have to leave valuables in your automobile, be sure they safely tucked away out of plain sight. Under the seat, glove box or trunk. Do not leave a tempting prize in view.
6. If you have a garage, utilize it for your vehicle. Cars parked in the street are often targeted.
7. Keep your car well cared for. Even if you don’t have an alarm system, to thieves, a well manicured vehicle means you care, and will most likely have an alarm system.
8. If your car did not come with an alarm, install one.
9. Sometimes vehicles come with a valet key that you are not even aware of. Check your manual and see if one exists, and remove it from your car.
10. If your car has had more than one owner, hire Best Locksmiths in Wisconsin to rekey your vehicle.

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