If you have ever locked a key in your car you know that it can really upset your day. The waiting for a spare key can take hours. If you are unlucky enough to not even have a spare key you are hoping to find a locksmith that can come out and let you in your car. A bigger problem that people have are when you lose a key and cannot find it! This not only puts a damper on your day but can leave you completely stranded. You will need to hire a mobile full service locksmith such as Best Locksmith to come out and make a new key for you to get you back on the road. Most cars no longer take a standard key. They have advanced and there are several types of keys, so knowing what you have can help get a replacement key made faster.

Best Locksmith has a list of the most common types of keys used for cars.

Mechanical Cut Car Keys – these keys are only cut on one side and therefore only fit in the ignition or lock one way. They are cut on either a die punch or mechanical key cut machine. After higher security laser keys were invented, mechanical keys became less common.
Laser Cut Automotive Keys – these keys are cut identically on both sides and can therefore fit into the ignition or lock either way. The are cut using a high-tech laser key cutting machine.
Smart Key – many of the car keys that you get when you buy a car are considered smart keys. They have chips in them and can do more than start the car and open the door by inserting the key. These are different from a standard key since they are not actually used to start the car traditionally. There is not a key that is inserted into the ignition. It has a computerized chip that allows you to start the car with a button as long as the keys are close to the car like in your pocket or purse.
Transponder Keys – these have either a mechanical cut or a laser cut depending on the manufacturer. The great thing about this type of key is that there is a chip in the handle that can be used to stop the ignition from starting without that particular key. IT is an added security measure.
Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATs) Keys – these are mechanical-cut keys with a black resistor on the blade. For added security, they have one of the 15 possible values. There is no computer technology on VATs keys.
Valet Key – You can have a valet key made to use when you drop your car off with a valet or someone that you don’t want to have access to all the areas of your car. You can give that particular key to enable someone to drive without having access to your trunk or any locked areas such as your glovebox.

If you have lost or had a car key stolen and need to have a new key made call Best Locksmith today in Racine, Kenosha, Oak Creek & Burlington Wisconsin.