If you are maintaining or in charge of a commercial office building, one area that seems to be a constant struggle is with keeping the building itself secure. The standard locks that take a key system often work well for residential homes but are not as good of an option when it comes to a commercial building. There are several other options when it comes to securing your office with different kinds of locking systems. The great thing about all these other options is that you can choose what type of system will work best for you and the needs that you have.

Best Locksmith lists several door lock option systems for your commercial building.

Keypad: One way that you can secure your office or commercial building is to have a keypad installed on your entry doors. The great thing about this type of system is that you can secure the doors without having to keep track of keys. You can assign a code to each person that you want to have access and you can keep track of the use. It is also a great way to stop access if you ever have a reason that you need to. The codes can be set to allow access only during certain times and can restrict access to other areas of the business as well. The keypad can be protected from the weather and is able to work well in any environment. You want to make sure that you have your keypad installed by a professional locksmith and have someone in the office trained to be sure that you know how to set each code and track the use.
Card Reader System: Another system that you can have installed is a card reader system. The system uses a card reader at the entry points and the person that wants to have access is given a card that can be slid in the device and open the door. The cards need to be assigned and activated by the manager of the system. The card will then give that individual access to the building when you allow them the use of the card. You can stop access to a specific card and turn it off if you have someone lose or misplace their card. The card system should also be installed by a professional locksmith and they should also train the employees on the proper use.
Lock and Key System: If you have a standard commercial business you may want to use a standard lock and key system. You can upgrade the locks to commercial style that are sturdier and less likely to be broken into. You can have the locksmith company make duplicate keys so that you have the amount that you need to hand out for employee use. The keys can be a Do Not Duplicate so that only the person with the master key is able to make more.

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