If you want to keep your home, office, safe and cabinets secured you have to be sure that there are appropriate locks on them. The lock has to be made for the area you are trying to lock up so that it functions properly. Many people don’t take time to call a professional locksmith and have their locks inspected to be sure that they are in good shape. It is a great way to make sure that you have a secure home and office. There are several kinds of locks that you can have installed to up your security such as a deadbolt but you may not have heard of a magnetic cam lock.

Magnetic Cam Locks & How to Use Them Effectively in Your Home or Business

What Is A Magnetic Cam Lock: This type of lock is one that you may see throughout some businesses on cabinets and cases. The great part about these types of locks is that they are produced to not be able to be picked. A magnetic lock is a system that works on magnets to open and close the mechanism and does not have an opening to insert a key. The great part is that there is no way to insert anything to pick the lock and it is also closed off to keep debris and dirt out of the opening as well. Another plus is that you can have them installed and they are close to the cabinet or case so that you will have less chances for people to bump into it. The key part of this mechanism is a magnetic key that is attached to the front of the lock and that will engage it and it can be opened to allow access to the area you are trying to get into.
Where Can A Magnetic Cam Lock Be Installed: These types of locks area added to cabinets and cases that you want to have secured. They are not made to put on an entry door or a window. They are great for those cabinets that you are keeping specialty items such as sports memorabilia or things you want to display. In a business you have areas that you display items such as jewelry or other sensitive materials. The magnetic lock can keep any cabinet or case closed and secured so that someone cannot open it and get into it unless you want to allow them access.

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If you have a need for magnetic cam locks at your home or business call a professional locksmith to have them come out and install them for you.