Lock bumping is the new and popular method used by criminals to gain entry into people’s homes. It is mostly used to open cylinder lock and deadbolts, which is one of the top types of locks used in homes across America. They gain entry by using a specifically designed key called a bump key or a 999 rapping key. Best Locksmiths wants to warn everyone of this new technique and to explain the best ways to prevent criminals from coming into your home.

How Do Burglars & Home Invaders Break In?

Statistics by the National Crime Prevention Council and the Department of Justice say nearly 2/3 of breaks-in happen without witnesses or even any signs of forced entry. Unlocked doors and windows is the largest security risk and poses much of the problem. However with lock bumping on the rise, it will quickly become the next major problem. Lock bumping has gained momentum these past few years due to the quickness, and ease of unlocking doors. With youtube videos and 3d printed bump keys costing around $2, this method is quickly turning this into a problem for many homes. Unfortunately no traditional lock is bump proof with the proper bump key. A burglar can open 90% of locks in less than 20 seconds. Worse, the newer locks seem to be more prone to this method of lock picking. Lock bumping is so simple, even 14 year olds are using this method to burglarize homes. With no signs of forced entry, most burglars are in and out fast, and not until the homeowner returns home, do they even realize that a crime has occurred.

Solutions to Lock Picking

Now there are ways to counteract this lock picking problem. Of course it will depend on how much money you want to put towards securing your home. To start, a cheap and simple way is by installing chain latches to the exterior doors. However this doesn’t stop the lock from being bumped. It just makes it harder for the criminal to get passed the door. Next you can modify your existing door locks. By using a certified locksmith, we are able to modify your typical dead bolt or cylinder locks that use a pin tumbler mechanism. A locksmith can put in additional security pins that will increase the resistance of a bumping key. However this just makes bumping more difficult, not impossible. Changing your locks with a new high security lock may be another option. Abloy deadbolt on our exterior doors with some additional reinforcement door frames and other security mechanisms will greatly improve security of your home. Again these locks aren’t bump proof, just way more difficult. The BiLock offers locks that are difficult to bump as well but not impossible either. You can also install a non tumbler pin lock. These are locks made with a rotating disk lock, or magnetic or electronic lock that can’t be bumped. Electric locks use magnets, solenoids, and motors to activate the lock by giving or removing power. However some off these alternatives can become rather expensive.

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Your home security is up to you and how much you want to put into it. Don’t live with a false sense of security. That’s when homes become vulnerable to criminals. Be honest about your homes security. There is no price too great for that peace of mind in knowing that you and your home is safe. Best Locksmith hopes we were able to provide ideas to help protect you, your family, and your home. For all of your lock smithing needs, call us today.