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There are several different types of locks and keys out there to help us feel safe and secure. The locks and keys vary in the level of security they offer. Some of the keys we are going to talk about today are very well known and you see them multiple times a day. Others, aren’t as well known and need more introduction. Best Locksmith is here to talk about the many different keys that lock up us and our belongings to keep us safe.

Skeleton Keys

Most people have seen a skeleton key or at least a picture of one. They aren’t used as frequently today, but they were originally made to unlock numerous warded locks and be somewhat of a master key. This is a very simple key that has a long shaft with a serrated edge that has been filed down so that it can open many locks. A skeleton key has been reduced down to its most basic parts.

Transponder or Chips Keys

Transponder keys are used most often in newer vehicles. Vehicles made after 1995 most likely were made with a transponder key. This type of keys uses electronics to start cars. They have helped reduce car theft. These keys are very hard to duplicate and if someone tries to use the wrong key on some cars, they shut down completely rendering them useless to the person trying to start it at that time. The key works by only activating once it has received a radio signal sent by the car when the key is in the ignition. Sometimes transponder keys are referred to as “chip keys.”

Four Sided Keys

These keys are used most often for home locks. Four sided keys have four sets of teeth on them. In order for this key to work, all four sides of the key have to match up and be a perfect fit in order for it to work and open the lock. This is a very durable option, and adds another level of security to your home.

Tubular Keys

The tubular key is most often used to unlock locks in a commercial setting. This may include vending machines, ATMs, and display cabinets found in stores. This key is used to unlock tubular pin tumbler locks. It is a small, short key with a cylindrical shaft.

Dimple Keys

A dimple key has cone shaped dimples in the shaft that match up with two sets of pins inside the lock. Unlike other keys, it doesn’t usually matter how you hold the key when you put it in the lock, since the two sides look exactly the same.

Abloy Keys

This type of key unlocks disc tumbler locks. These locks are almost impossible to pick and are a very durable key. They were first made in Finland are a widely used there. It is almost impossible for someone to make copies of these keys since they can only be made by licensed Abloy distributers and at the lock owners request.

Paracentric Key

This type of key is commonly used on the paracentric locks you would find in a prison. It is easy to pick out of a lineup of keys because it looks so different from others. The cylinders are not in a straight line. They can vary to the right or left of the key. They have small teeth at the end of the key and are very distinguishable from other keys.

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No matter what type of lock and key system you use to secure yourself or your belongings, you may find yourself locked out at some point. Best Locksmiths offers help to those who find themselves on the outside looking in. We can help you with any of your commercial or residential locksmith needs.

There are a lot of people that use a safe to secure some of their belongings that they don’t want to leave around. They also don’t want to take them to a bank security box so a safe is a great solution. You can keep all kinds of things in a safe from money to jewelry to firearms. The ability of what a safe can hold is really endless and it is all about what you want to keep out of just anyone’s hands. You might have some sensitive documents that you want to keep in the safe. If you are ready to get a safe there are some things that you need to think about and know when choosing and storing your safe.

Best Locksmiths Lists Some Tips on Keeping Your Safe Secure & Your Personal Effects Locked Up

What is the Best Kind Of Home Safe to Meet Your Needs?: You have decided that you want to have a safe at your house. Do you have an idea on the items that you intend to store in it? If you don’t, take some time to make a list of the items and their size. This will help to determine what size of a safe that you are going to need. You want to choose a size and the opening mechanism that best suits you. Make sure to do some research and know that the more you pay the better the quality will be. The purpose of a safe is to keep your effects secure.
How to Hide A Safe in Your House: When you buy a safe you also want to take into account the place that you want to keep it. A lot of people choose to keep it in a closet in full view on a shelf. Most safes are not fastened down and that means that it can be lifted out of your house. This will give the burglar the opportunity to take time to break into it. Be sure that you have a spot that is concealed and not easily seen by a would be burglar. Maybe you choose a spot that is hard even for you to get to like under a cabinet or behind a large item. This may seem inconvenient but the harder it is to spot and get to the safer and more secure it is. Most of the items that you are storing in a safe won’t need to be accessed on a daily basis. It may be annoying but in the end it will keep your items much more safe.
You Can Break Into A Safe: A safe is able to be broken into. This is great if you are a homeowner that lost the key or the code but not good if you have someone break into your home. Most people do not have the tools or the resources to get in a safe and remove the contents. This is best done by a professional locksmith company.

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Digital locks have been available for some time in the lock business. These are locks that are operated without a key. There are different digital technologies that are growing in popularity and some hybrid options that include a key for backup and are extending into the business field. You may have recently been at a business and noticed a door lock that is operated by a 4-digit combination entered right on the door or a card reader. These are both examples of digital locks.

Digital Locks for Front Doors

Push button door locks have combinations that can be reset directly in the handle of the door. The correct combination of numbers will need to be entered to unlock the deadbolt rather than key to protect your home. Remote signal locks are similar to the keyless entry systems for cars where a receiver is built into the door and an electronic signal from a base remote sends a signal to open the deadbolt or other lock. This digital lock uses a similar technology that apartments and businesses have used for years where a visitor can be buzzed in. Biometric fingerprint locks use the technology that has been used at some businesses for some time. Fingerprints are stored by a biometric system. When a fingerprint in the system’s memory is registered in the pad at the front door, the lock will automatically open.

Why Have a Digital Lock Installed?

You can’t lose your fingerprint like you can lose your keys, making this a great reason. When you need to constantly rekey or change the locks it can be time-consuming, frustrating, and costly. When you take keys out of the equation, there is nothing to lose or misplace. A digital lock like a push-button combination may be risky for some as it will require you to remember a series of numbers and it is possibility to misplace the base that is needs to open remote signal locks. All you need to open a biometric lock is your finger. There are a lot of features with digital locks. The push button lock can be set up so that anyone who tries the combination four times without success will be locked out from trying to try again or setting off an alarm. This will discourage burglars from trying to enter. You can also temporarily allow the fingerprint of a repair person and then remove it from the memory of a biometric system. You could also only allow the worker access with their fingerprint during only the hours they are supposed to be there.

Benefits of Digital Locks in Your Home for Disabled & Elderly

These locks are helpful for the disabled as they work well with people in wheelchairs or those using walkers. They can engage a remote base to get a certain amount of time to enter through the door or gate protecting the perimeter of a home. The digital lock can be programmed based on the amount of time it takes for someone in a wheelchair or walker to get inside the door.

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If you’re thinking of ditching your keys and getting digital locks instead, call Best Locksmiths to come install them for you. It may be a liberating feeling to not have to worry about losing your keys again. Best Locksmiths are standing by!

Have you ever wondered why most locksmith companies have a van or larger truck? It is due to the fact that they have several kinds of tools and machines that are used to do their work on the spot. Most locksmith companies offer some sort of mobile or emergency services that will require them to come to you and take care of your request at the location. If they didn’t have the right tools, the appointment would take much longer and the customer service would be terrible. If you are in a bind make sure that you hire a locksmith that offers emergency and mobile services since most of the locksmith emergencies don’t come up at a convenient or reasonable time.

Best Locksmiths list what you might find in the back of a locksmiths van and what tools they normally use.

Key Grinders: One of the pieces of equipment that is used often by a locksmith it is a grinder. The grinder needs to be attached to some sort of power source that can be the cars battery or a separate power if necessary. The grinder will be used for many circumstances such as grinding down a key and a special attachment wheel is added that will remove any leftover metal from the key making sure that it goes in the lock with no hiccup.
Key Duplicator: This is a common tool that is in a locksmith van as well. Many people call to have duplicate keys made. They may have a family member or a friend that needs access to their home and you will need to have another key made. The key duplicator is able to do that for you with the help of a professional locksmith.
Blank Keys: The locksmith will also need to have blank keys with them as well. There is not one single style key that works for all locks. Each key has a specific length and shape that it needs to start with to ensure that the new key works as well as the original. That means that the locksmith will need to have the options that will fit all kinds of locks including auto locks.
Tool Box: There are also several standard tools that you will find as well to help with removing old locks and installing deadbolts, locks, security locks and much more. These may include screwdrivers and pliers as well as a drill. They often time need to replace the entire locking mechanism on a door which requires many of these tools.

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If you are in need of a locksmith to duplicate keys, inspect locks or you are locked out of your house or car, make sure that you hire a mobile emergency locksmith like Best Locksmiths so that you have the work done without having to wait.

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