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Lock bumping is the new and popular method used by criminals to gain entry into people’s homes. It is mostly used to open cylinder lock and deadbolts, which is one of the top types of locks used in homes across America. They gain entry by using a specifically designed key called a bump key or a 999 rapping key. Best Locksmiths wants to warn everyone of this new technique and to explain the best ways to prevent criminals from coming into your home.

How Do Burglars & Home Invaders Break In?

Statistics by the National Crime Prevention Council and the Department of Justice say nearly 2/3 of breaks-in happen without witnesses or even any signs of forced entry. Unlocked doors and windows is the largest security risk and poses much of the problem. However with lock bumping on the rise, it will quickly become the next major problem. Lock bumping has gained momentum these past few years due to the quickness, and ease of unlocking doors. With youtube videos and 3d printed bump keys costing around $2, this method is quickly turning this into a problem for many homes. Unfortunately no traditional lock is bump proof with the proper bump key. A burglar can open 90% of locks in less than 20 seconds. Worse, the newer locks seem to be more prone to this method of lock picking. Lock bumping is so simple, even 14 year olds are using this method to burglarize homes. With no signs of forced entry, most burglars are in and out fast, and not until the homeowner returns home, do they even realize that a crime has occurred.

Solutions to Lock Picking

Now there are ways to counteract this lock picking problem. Of course it will depend on how much money you want to put towards securing your home. To start, a cheap and simple way is by installing chain latches to the exterior doors. However this doesn’t stop the lock from being bumped. It just makes it harder for the criminal to get passed the door. Next you can modify your existing door locks. By using a certified locksmith, we are able to modify your typical dead bolt or cylinder locks that use a pin tumbler mechanism. A locksmith can put in additional security pins that will increase the resistance of a bumping key. However this just makes bumping more difficult, not impossible. Changing your locks with a new high security lock may be another option. Abloy deadbolt on our exterior doors with some additional reinforcement door frames and other security mechanisms will greatly improve security of your home. Again these locks aren’t bump proof, just way more difficult. The BiLock offers locks that are difficult to bump as well but not impossible either. You can also install a non tumbler pin lock. These are locks made with a rotating disk lock, or magnetic or electronic lock that can’t be bumped. Electric locks use magnets, solenoids, and motors to activate the lock by giving or removing power. However some off these alternatives can become rather expensive.

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Your home security is up to you and how much you want to put into it. Don’t live with a false sense of security. That’s when homes become vulnerable to criminals. Be honest about your homes security. There is no price too great for that peace of mind in knowing that you and your home is safe. Best Locksmith hopes we were able to provide ideas to help protect you, your family, and your home. For all of your lock smithing needs, call us today.

Many homes are equipped with the cylinder lock. They are one of the most popular locks sold and fitted on homes. A cylinder lock is made of a few components such as pins that are lined up into the correct position. When the key is set inside the lock, the alignment allows it to turn and unlock. However, these locks may seem secure but even they have pros and cons as to their use. Best Locksmiths would like to discuss these pros and cons to help enlighten homeowners so they better understand the cylinder locks.

Pros of Cylinder Locks

From a locksmith perspective, there are many pros to a cylinder lock. To start they are one of the easiest locks to re-key. Instead of needing to remove the entire lock from off the door, a cylinder lock can be accessed with only needing to remove a few screws from the lock. This allows a locksmith to re-key the lock in a very short time. Another pro is that it is very easy to reconfigure the lock quickly. Because a cylinder of the lock is easily accessed, a locksmith can adapt the lock to become either a wafer tumbler lock, disc tumbler lock or even a traditional pun tumbler lock depending on the home owner’s preference. Additional benefit to a cylinder lock is you can create a master key to all the locks in your home. If all the locks in your home are cylinder locks, the locksmith can realign all of the pins in each lock to be set for one key. This makes the homeowner’s key ring much lighter. They don’t need to sift though a half a dozen keys to find the right one either. Final pro to a cylinder lock is that if you desire, you can make your single cylinder lock into a double cylinder if you choose to. Confused? A double cylinder lock means you will need to use a key to unlock the door both in and outside of your home. The main reason for this is that a burglar can’t break a small area of a glass window around the door and unlock your door and get in. Yep, this happens a lot folks. However it is risky in the event of a fire or an emergency because getting out is much slower. If you choose to have a double cylinder lock, always have a key near the door.

Cons of Cylinder Locks

One of the cons that always stand out when it comes to the popular cylinder lock is burglars can pick these locks. With the proper lock picking set and by manipulating the pins to their correct alignment, a burglar can get into your home. Same for a bump key. This tool favored by burglars can also defeat a cylinder lock. This method takes very little work and like a lock pick, it can open a cylinder lock in mere seconds. A burglar doesn’t like getting attention by struggling to pick the lock on your door. They want it to look like they belong and a bump key can help them do just that.

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Cylinder locks have their pros and cons much like anything else in the world today. Best Locksmiths wants to help make our customer aware of their home’s security and where they can improve in those problems areas. Just because a cylinder can be picked doesn’t mean they are not worth using. It’s good to know every product’s faults so you can improve those areas. There are many other products that work well to keep intruders out, and without the need of replacing all your locks with a rather expensive alternative. Best Locksmiths provides many of these services. If you would like help, contact us for all you locksmithing needs.

Being locked out of your home or car because you either lost or locked your keys inside can make for a really crummy day. It will put you behind all of your daily activities. The most obvious solution to the problem is to call a locksmith. It is recommended to already have a locksmith saved in your phone that is reputable and that you trust. So do your homes work now so you don’t just call the first place your find without knowing who you’re calling. Best Locksmiths will share how to find a good locksmith.

Checklist for How to Find a Good Local Locksmith

Never hire out of desperation. Many locksmith companies take advantage of the situation. That is why you want to find someone that you can trust and rely on. To help you find a good locksmith, start with a lot of homework. This part is well worth it in the end. Start by getting a handful of locksmithing companies with good reviews. You can ask family or friends if they ever used a locksmith and if they liked who they chose. After you have acquired a few companies from which to choose, next comes the process of elimination. Here are some of the questions you should be asking when eliminating companies off of your list.
1. Does the company work 24 hours? It is important to have a locksmith that can help you around the clock. You never know when you will be locked out of your home, car or work.
2. Is the company bonded or insured? Don’t take yes for an answer; ask for paper work or other documentation that they have insurance.
3. Then ask about their experience and how long they been practicing? If a company can’t prove their company’s experience or have been practicing for a time, they might be just starting out or a fraud. Also find out what services they offer. If they say they just pick the lock, that’s not a real answer as to their services.
4. Ask for some references. A legitimate business will be able to provide solid references and they should be able to refer you to some sources of testimonies to prove their good services.
5. Next, ask about their prices. Often the cheapest bid determines the victor. However don’t be hypnotized by a cheap price. Remember you get what you pay for. It is ok to look for good deals, just don’t solely base your final decision on the price.
6. The final question you should ask is if there is after hour fees. In the event there is an after hour emergency, you will want to know what their fee will be. Most companies have an after hour fee so don’t expect to find a company without fees.

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At this time you should have found a locksmith that you feel is trustworthy. Now all you need to do is program their number into your phone. Best Locksmith hopes we were able to help you find a good locksmith and to have the company readily available for those unseen events. Don’t be locked out of your home, work or car. If you need a good locksmith, Best Locksmith can be there to help you. Give us a call the next time you are locked out.

More and more people are seeing the benefit to living alone rather than with roommates. This is a very exciting time, but it can also be an adjustment. If you have never lived alone before, you may feel hesitant and unsure about your safety. This is a valid concern when there isn’t anyone else to vouch for your safety in your home. Best Locksmiths is here to share some safety tips to those that live alone that will boost the security in your home, especially when you are a female.

Check Your House for Possible Security Risks

As you are getting settled in your new house or apartment, check the residence for any possible security risks. This may include a front door that need securing with a new reinforced door jamb and high quality deadbolt. You should also check all the lights on the exterior of your home to make sure the bulbs aren’t burnt out and need replacing. Along with the doors, you should check all of your windows and make sure you can shut them all and lock them to keep you safe. This is a great time to give your new place a good once over and perform a lock audit.

Meet Your Neighbors

You want to know the people that live around you. This doesn’t mean that you have to hang out all of the time, or become close friends, but you want to know who they are. They may be someone that can keep an eye out on your home while you are away or at least be aware of you and your safety.

Consider a Dog to Alert You to Burglars

A dog is a man’s best friend for a reason. They are great to let out a warning if they sense any danger. They can also deter any possible burglars that come creeping around. You don’t want to train your dog to be aggressive, but you do want them to bark when they sense danger or strangers are present. Getting a dog will make it less likely your home gets broken into.

Keep Your Curtains Closed to Prevent Home Break In

After the sun goes down, close your blinds or curtains. It is natural for the line of sight to be drawn to a window that has the lights on. When you don’t have your curtains closed, everyone on the outside can see right in. You don’t want everyone to know that you are alone, so it’s best if you keep your curtains drawn after dark.

Keep Vacations on the Down Low to Deter Burglars

When you leave town, don’t post all over social media about your travels. This is like advertising the fact that you aren’t home. If you are gone, don’t tell everyone you know. Also, ask your neighbors if they will keep an eye on your house, if you trust them.

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If you live by yourself, the very first thing you want to do is upgrade your locks on your door. Most burglaries take place by someone breaking into your front door. You want this area of your home to be locked and secure. Best Locksmiths can help with any reinforcing that needs to be done to improve your locks. Contact us for more information today!

One of the most annoying things to happen is when you walk out of the store or your home and realize that you have locked the keys in the car! When you lock the keys in your car it can throw a wrench into your day and cause you a moment of panic. It can also mess up your day if you have an appointment or you have a basket full of groceries. Being locked out or a car or even a home is not a fun situation to be in. Now you need to contact a locksmith that has a mobile service so we can come to you and unlock the car on your behalf. You may also need a locksmith that offers emergency services if you are finding yourself locked out after hours. No matter that time of the day a locksmith is necessary. The best thing you can do is to be sure that you have some ways to help avoid this entire situation.

Best Locksmith Lists Ways to Avoid Locking Your Keys in Your Car

Slow Down: One of the biggest reasons that a person is stuck locking their keys in the car is when they are in a hurry. You might be hurrying out of your home or in a store and there is too much happening and next thing you know you are locked out. Another reason is being in a hurry and having your hands full. You may decide to set your keys down and then unload or load your groceries or other items and accidentally lock them in. The best thing you can do is to slow down and take that extra few minutes to be sure that your keys are in your hand and your car is securely locked when you walk away. It will save you a lot of heartache and time waiting on a locksmith.
Key Fob Battery Replacement: If you are like the many car owners that use a key fob to unlock and lock your car you need to be sure that you have good fully charged batteries. Never wait for the battery to die before you replace them because that can leave you stranded. Set a reminder and use it to alert you to change out the batteries in the remote or fob when it is necessary. A dead battery means you are not getting the car locked or even unlocked.
Carry A Spare Car Key: Your main set of keys is usually in your hand when getting in and out of the car but if you had a spare key that is separate from your main keys you may have it in your possession if by accident you lock your keys in. You can also have a spare key left with a loved one or friend that would be willing to come by to save you if you lock your keys in.

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If you find yourself locked out of your, car call a professional locksmith that has the ability to come out and unlock the car for you.

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